IAPS Fellowship offers a high volume of experience in all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The fellowship emphasizes cutting-edge techniques and offers opportunities to participate in other areas of clinical interest, research, and teaching.


  • Fellowship programme up to 3 months

 Educational Objectives:

Fellows will be exposed to the full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgery from clinical evaluation and patient consultation to surgery and post-operative care.  

What our programme offers to the fellows is as follows:


A better understanding of anatomical approach to aesthetic surgery of the head and neck, breast, and body.

Gaining experience in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures like botulinum toxin injections, fillers and laser treatments.

Increased competency in diagnosing and treating a patient’s aesthetic concerns.

A better understanding of regenerative medicine and its role in aesthetic surgery.

Gaining experience in hair transplantation surgery.

A better understanding of the principles of aesthetic surgery procedures and how to manage them, including rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, body contouring, and an array of non-surgical treatments.


Learning how to approach a patient who desires an aesthetic procedure and how to set the goals

Learning the value of working in a cohesive, multidisciplinary team setting and to appreciate the contributions of each team member, including other physicians, nurses, and paramedical personnel.


Gaining better knowledge about:

  • the existing and new treatment modalities in the aesthetic surgery field, including surgical and minimally invasive techniques.
  • the equipment and devices used in aesthetic procedures and how to use them in a safe and predictable fashion.


Language: Must be fluent in English

Plastic surgeons who have completed a recognized plastic surgery training program in their country.

Residents who are in the last two years of their training in an official plastic surgery training program in their country

Letter of Recommendation

Accommodation and personal expenses will be covered by applicant

Application Process:

To apply, submit a cover letter and CV to Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, at info@tunctiryaki.com. A review and interview process follow.


It was an honor for me to be selected to the 3 months clinical-research fellowship program in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with special focus on Regenerative Surgery, my PhD field of competency.
The fellowship was offered by IAPS (Istanbul Academy of Plastic Surgery) and its coordinator Tunc Tiryaki.

During this experience I had chance to actively participate to all the traditional procedures with Tunc Tiryaki and also with many other great plastic surgeons such as Osman Oymak and Akin Yucel; their experiences and their advices showed me a very elegant and artistic aspect in Plastic Surgery and definitely improved my surgical practices in different ways.

I also had the chance to learn several new mini-invasive and regenerative approaches which lately become articles; I assisted to the creation of the Lipocube, the stem cell isolation device which I learn to use for different indications and that 3 years later lead me to the “ICOPLAST/ISPRES Young Plastic Surgeon award” in ASPS The Meeting San Diego.

Since then Tunc Tiryaki and me constantly keep in touch, a collaboration on different projects become a friendship in time, as he is not only a very precise surgeon with innate ability to simplify every surgical act and make it as atraumatic as possible, but also a good person that truly care about his patients and represents a mentor and guide for me in this difficult field.

During my stay in Istanbul, I also fell in love with the energy of this magnetic city and its lifestyle, the deep culture with beautiful people so similar to my country also made me feel at home.

I had other fellowships before but I have to say that this was not only the most productive for me, but also the experience that I hold in my heart.

I sincerely thank him for this.
Annarita Agovino, MD, PhD

Being a fellow at Istanbul Academy of Plastic Surgery in 2012 was one of the best decisions I have made for my education life. It was an excellent post-specialty training program. The wonderful hospitality and friendliness of the entire team made it very easy for me to adapt.  I was actively participating in many surgeries and medical procedures and seeing new techniques which were improving my surgical side. Besides, seminar and article hours, case discussion hours, book translations as well as original article and book writing processes made an extraordinary contribution to my academic development. Although it has been 8 years since I left the academy, I still use many techniques and methods at my daily medical and surgical practice that I learned in the fellowship program. I would like to thank the entire academy team, especially Dr. Tunc Tiryaki and Dr. Osman Oymak for providing me this nice opportunity.

Dr. Özgür Sunay