Istanbul Academy of Plastic Surgery (IAPS) was established on 2009 by Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Clinical Associate Professor, Director of the Tiryaki Clinics in London and İstanbul, Dr. Atilla Oymak, Prof. Dr. Demir Tiryaki and Prof. Dr. Akın Yücel. The academy offers high standard of education and research modules. IAPS is pecialized in stem cell assisted mini face-lifts that produce a younger but natural looking appearance with no visible scars. IAPS offer innovative modüles on plastic and reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine.

The team of IAPS are the plastic surgeons who are internationally recognized and well-known with their special techniques. The aim of IAPS is to teach techniques for obtaining the highest standards of clients’ care and to increase the knowledge and experience of plastic surgery specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery. 






To be a national and international reliable plastic and reconstructive surgeryacademy that expands the innovative techniques to achieve excellence in teaching and research to  obtain the highest standards of clients’ care.

To train plastic surgeons who have knowledge and experience in all plastic andreconstructive surgery applications.

•Innovative•Researcher•Productive•Reliable•Tolerant•Committed to Ethical Values